Bathroom Hacks For Your Convenience

Maintaining a bathroom can be a real challenge. This is one place that attracts a lot of grime and since you are not inspecting it frequently, you are bound to miss many stains until they get too stubborn and big.

Apart from keeping it clean, this is one room that has to be organized well, so that it is always spacious and convenient for your use.

Keep It Your Way

Here are a few hacks to keep your bathroom organized at all times:


Stack towels far away from the washbasin, toilet and the shower are. If this is not possible, stack is in one of the drier areas in the bathroom. Though it is better to have it at arm’s reach when you are in the shower, it tends to absorb the moisture and start smelling if not washed regularly.

If this is a bathroom used every day, the towels can be washed every other day. However, if it were a guest room, chances are that only one of the many towels get washed after a guest visits, which again is not every day.


This is a must in every bathroom. Though this may not seem eco friendly, this is more hygienic when you have many people using the bathroom. If you are worried about accessibility to these tissues, you can buy yourself one of those Wall mounted tissue dispensers made to last. This way you don’t have to keep replacing the dispenser as frequently as the tissues itself.


Have trays in the bathroom. Keep a tray for toiletries, so that they are not scattered all over the counter. It is easier to clean too, as you can just lift the tray and wipe underneath it. Also, if you were to knock the toiletries by accident, they will fall within the tray only and save some cleaning time for you.