Find out if you have bed bugs

Stress itself can hamper a good night’s sleep. And added to that if you have a bed bug issue at home it can leave you an insomniac. And this would mean that you wake up every day feeling tired. Bed bugs are pesky pests that multiply soon and get very unmanageable. If you are looking for bedbug control glasgow has a lot of options. Here are some signs that indicate that there is a probable bed bug infestation at your home:

  1. You feel excessively itchy at nights:

Night time itchiness can be associated with several causes. But if you have itchiness accompanied by bumpy rashes perhaps there is a bed bug problem.

  1. Stains on your sheets:

If you have used light colored bed sheets then you are likely to notice dark stains which pertain to the bed bug blood. If you notice this along with the presence of bed bug bites on your body it increases the possibility.

  1. Sighting:

Very rarely you get to see a bed bug. These are adept in hiding in the darkest corners of the mattress and the bed. They only come out in the dark and it can thus be difficult to spot one. But in rare cases if you are awake when one bites you, you might actually notice what bit you. Fecal matter left behind by the bed bugs, eggs and other debris can also be spotted on the mattresses and pillows sometimes. One other indication is the distinct smell that bed bugs have. If you accidentally squish one you would catch that strange distinguishable scent.

  1. Visual inspection:

If you observe any of the above signs or even otherwise you should periodically inspect your mattresses and beds. Start in the corners. The folds of the mattresses the cracks and gaps in the beds are all ideal hiding spots for these pests.