Window ideas for a lodge style house

You think lodge style houses, you automatically think wood. That is the main feature that comes to my mind as well. Natural materials are used to create elegance and charm that is not quite the same with other materials such as steel. The best part is that you can get double glazed windows in any style.

Windows can be one of the most distinguishing features of a home. It is seen both from the outside as well as the inside. Having different styles of windows that go with the theme of the house is a fantastic idea for home decor. A good window will keep you safe and warm.

  • Cape Cod – Cottages can be fitted with double hung windows. They can be rectangular in shape both on top and the bottom as well with sashes to go.
  • Modern windows – This is a style that is sleek in nature and helps you keep up with the times. An up to date style of windows is something to talk about anywhere.
  • Tudor – They are tall windows with many small panes. They can be grouped in two’s and three’s.
  • Double hung window types – They have two sashes that slide up and down. In a single hung, only the lower sash will move. They can tilt in for cleaning.
  • Fixed window types – They are less expensive in nature and extremely energy efficient.

Don’t worry about the initial cost of painting the wood. It is well worth it because the wood lasts that much longer when maintained well. Taking care of the wood means increasing the life of the wood. Make your home a beautiful living space by taking care of everything that occupies that space. That is what makes a pile of bricks a home.

Get the right look and you have got yourself a beautiful home.