Window Insulation Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Winter

Proper window insulation goes a long way in protecting you from the harsh external elements. Glass windows lose a lot of heat. Without the proper insulation your summer days might feel hotter. During winter days you might notice your energy bills soaring. Here are some tips to remember for window insulation for the winters:

  1. Window insulation films:

These are easily available in the market. These are available in the form of heat shrink films. They can be easily placed on your windows. You would then have to apply heat, using say, a hair dryer. This would allow the film to perfectly cover your windows without bubbles and gaps. These offer a layer of coating to prevent heat lost through glass panes.

  1. Window snakes- DIY:

These are brilliant options to add a little charm to your room while also providing insulation from the cold winds. These are numerous ways to DIY a window snake. These are placed at the bottom of the windows to prevent cold winds and leaks. Plus, these are fun ways to decorate your windows as well.

  1. Thermal curtains:

Choose heavy curtains to prevent warm air from escaping through the windows. There are also special thermal curtains which block heat loss and shield heat entry as well. They can thus come in handy during winters and summers alike. Choose the right size curtains to properly cover the whole window for the curtains to really be effective.

For those who are looking for perfect insulation options you can also rely on trusted professionals. They would help seal cracks and gaps and offer accurate insulation. We now have a lot of companies that offer professional insulation services for Box Sash Windows in London to ensure that you stay warm during the coldest winter days and also lower your energy bills